Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes
There’s a good reason why hairstyles for different face shapes should be considered before getting your next ‘do. Have you taken a photo of your favorite celebrity to your stylist and insisted on the same hairstyle? Then, staring in the mirror days later wondering why your new cut doesn’t have the same wow as the photo?

Well, one reason is that it was the wrong hairstyle for your face shape.

Essentially, hairstyles are geometry and shape. In fact, it should frame your face for overall perspective and balance. Basically, a hairstyle should accentuate your positive attributes. And minimize your not so flattering ones.

The point is, choosing cuts or styles for different face shapes is unavoidable. And, you should learn what your shape is.

Determining Your Face Shape

Your face shape can notable change how certain styles look on you. There are 7 basic face shapes and flattering hairstyles of each of these different face shapes. We’ll briefly cover each one and what you may want to consider when choosing a new look.

The 7 different face shapes are oval, square, round, heat, oblong, diamond, and pear. So, which shape is your face? Well, grab a mirror and read on as we describe each one.

Face Shapes Characteristics


The oval face shape is longer than wide, with a jaw that is narrower than the cheekbones. Because the oval shaped face is so proportional, this face shape looks good with just about any hairstyle. Plus, any length of cut looks great too! Add layers near the chin, lips, or cheekbones accentuate that feature.


The square face shape is characterized by a wide hairline and jawline. The square shaped face need height on top and narrowness at the sides. Deep side parts, texture, and soft bangs helps balance the square face shape. Longer length looks great with their more angular and powerful jawline. However, this face shape should avoid straight lines.


The round face shape has a wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones. This face shape looks great with longer hair that lengthens the face. Long layers are the most flattering. And, short layers can complement the roundness of the face. Side swept bangs can also add length to a round face.


This shape face has a wider forehead and narrower chin. Adding side swept bangs to this style helps disguise the width of the forehead. Keeping the style fuller around the jaw helps to add weight to the narrower chin.


Oblong face shape has a very long and narrow bone structure. Longer hair pulls the face down making it appear even longer. If you have an oblong face keep your style shorter or add shorter layers. Adding curls and body can make the face appear wider as well.


Diamond face shape has a narrow chin and forehead with wide cheekbones. Hair styles that work best with this face shape have narrower sides and fullness at the chin. A bob is a great haircut for this face shape. Also, adding straight bangs shortens the face. Try tucking your hair behind your ears to draw attention to your prominent cheekbones!


Often referred to as a triangular face, this shape has a small or narrow forehead. And a larger jawline. Longer styles can help camouflage the prominent jawline. And, for shorter cuts, adding top volume adds fullness to the top of the face.

Now that we have gone over the 7 basic face shapes and some fun tips on what to consider when choosing a style for your unique face shape maybe you are ready for a fun change influenced by your own face shape! Happy styling!

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