3 Easy Hairstyles For When You’re Running Late

3 Easy Hairstyles For When You're Running Late
Some mornings waking up with your first alarm is difficult. Especially on Mondays. We’ve all been there. And, you just need a little more motivation to get ready for work. So, you hit the snooze three too many times, and now you have to get ready in a jiffy. Thus, comes the “what can I do with my hair in five minutes” quandary.

Don’t panic – you can still look fabulous in a fraction of the time you thought possible. The trick to getting out the door quickly in the mornings is finding easy hairstyles that’s doable in a few minutes.

Many hair trends can look pretty complicated. But, you’d be shocked to know that many of them are easy hairstyles that take little skill to create.

To help make your mornings easier, we’ve rounded up three easy hairstyles that can be done in about three minutes.

3 Easy Hairstyles - French Plaits

01. French Plaits

This style has made a huge comeback. And, that’s great news for us! French plaits are quick, easy, and ideal for when your hair is a little oily but you don’t have time to wash it.

Start by brushing your hair to make sure it’s tangle free. Then, part your hair in the center from your forehead down to the nape of your neck. Repeat the following process on each side of your parting.

Divide your hair into three sections at the top of your head, as if you were going to start a regular braid. Start by crossing the right section over the middle section. Then cross the left section over the middle section. When you need to repeat the crossover of your sections add a little additional hair to the section. Then, cross over the right section as normal. Repeat these steps down to the bottom of your head where you can continue into a regular braid. Secure with a small elastic, elegant hair tie. Repeat the whole process on the other side of the head and finish with a spritz of hairspray.
Messy Ponytail

02. The Messy Ponytail

If you don’t have time to curl your hair, this style is ideal for you. All you need for this look is a comb, scrunchie, and a few bobby pins.

Put your hair into a center parting. Then, comb the hair backwards and tease the roots. This will create a ponytail with more volume. Next, pull your hair back and up into a ponytail. And, it’s perfectly fine if it’s not neat. Actually, messiness is part of this style’s charm. Once you’ve chosen how high you want your ponytail to sit, secure it with a bobby pin. Get a medium sized strand of hair from the bottom of the ponytail. Use this to wrap around the bobby pin, secure with a nice scrunchie.

Braided Messy Bun

03. Braided Messy Bun

Ah, the classic look that tells your co-workers that you value your beauty sleep. If you have long hair, messy buns will forever have a place in your heart. They’re perfectly disheveled, yet still totally modern.

And you can take your messy bun to a more purposeful level. Simply add braids to the style for a oh my, how did you ever do that? By the way, if your hair isn’t long enough for this or the other two styles here, we have human hair extensions. They will allow you to create any style you can imagine. And for mornings that you’re late, they can be a godsend!

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